This is an amazingly wonderful, VERY popular (with my mom) Blog about life and its struggles…more specifically those of a 28 year old Canadian Chick trying to navigate life, work, relationships, friendships, anxiety and again, (because its such a big one) life.

A bit about me? Well my name is a letter (I’ll leave it to you to guess which one) and I grew up in Vancouver, B.C. I have ALWAYS thought I was hilarious but this has not really been the shared consensus of the community (or really anyone other than yours truly).

All jokes aside, I struggle with worry and anxiety and have always felt writing about it or reading about others experiences helped me. I started wanting to find a blog by someone a bit more basic and average who was struggling. When I was searching,  I kept hearing about people who are doing their masters and PHDs who are having a problem with a massive 600 page thesis (which is so amazing, and totally fair – good for them) but it made me feel like crap for having shit feelings about my simple issues … So I searched and searched for a blog/youtube channel where I could just hear that someone else was trying and not necessarily succeeding at simple things…I wanted to find someone else out there who is struggling to wake up happy, or floss their teeth, or even just stay positive and not worry a massive earthquake will happen in a second.

I wanted some other place where I could go and read about someone else living a pretty simple and happy life, but who is still having struggles and feeling off or sad or anxious or all the different crappy feelings when really life is pretty good making them feel bad for feeling those bad thoughts. When I couldn’t find that, I figured I’d start the blog… so here I am, sharing my embarrassing, ridiculous and sometimes not very helpful thoughts and experiences in hopes that it helps at least one person to get on with their day and know they aren’t alone.

So keep your chin up people, it’s nice to meet you and I hope you like, read, share and comment or just gain one small giggle from my experiences.

Keep on trying, you are not alone.