Trouble with Trying

Well hello there,

Welcome to Trouble with Trying.  A blog all about the trials and tribulations (and everything in between) of getting your shit together enough, to just get to the fucking BEST version of your life.

Trying anything, from flossing everyday to finishing law school, from admitting you’re insane to actually getting to therapy,  to simply getting your shit together to get to the gym once a week (ok…a month, lets get real here) is sometimes, for some people(me), really tough.

This blog is here to help anyone trying to ‘do’ life, to be sure they know that they (you) aren’t alone. TWT is here to help others know for certain that somewhere out there, someone else is TRYING (and not necessarily succeeding) at even the simplest tasks (flossing is my fucking nemesis). BUT to you, lovely readers(most likely just my mom) that is the point of this… to just. keep. trying.

What I’ve done is create a space where you, and all your friends, can come take a look at my personal experiences and situations, my mistakes and personal fixes and then comment, share, ask questions, tell me to shut up and /OR toss out some things you’d like me to ponder over.

This blog is my ultimate  “Trouble with Trying”. I have wanted to do it forever but for SOME reason, I couldn’t get myself to put it out there. I found that the trouble with trying, was that it was terrifying. And (to that point) what if it fails, or not ONE person reads this, or EVERYONE reads this or, for gods sake, my GRANDMOTHER reads this… What if i talk about her? what if I talk about sex? What if she thinks I’ve DONE IT?!?!  oh god. oh well. Fuck it I already swore in the first paragraph so I’m screwed either way…haha

ANYWAY –> this blog is to discuss, dissect and completely destroy all the stressful discouraging thoughts we have so we can get to the actual “trying”. To try is to succeed and to succeed is to try.

So please ladies and gentleman (and every other scope of human out there), read on, enjoy the posts, let me know your thoughts and just keep trying.



One thought on “Trouble with Trying

  1. Thanks “T” was a nice read this evening. Been meaning to get to this read and I’m happy I did finally… Hope to see another one soon….!

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